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Published 2022-11-22

Released during COP 27 the yearly report “10 New Insights in Climate Science” emphasize and unpack the complex interactions between climate change and other drivers of risk, such as conflicts, pandemics, food crises and underlying development challenges.

Lava entering the Pacific Ocean on Kilauea, Big Island, Hawaii.

Yearly report on new climate science knowledge

This year global experts from the natural and social sciences stress that only through ambitious mitigation efforts and systemic transformation, can we avoid facing widespread limits to adaptation, and increased losses and damages.

From adaptation to finance – this year’s takeaways:

  • The Idea of “Endless Adaptation” Is a Myth
  • Vulnerability Hot Spots Abound in Regions at Risk
  • The Climate-health Nexus Will Face New Threats
  • Climate-induced Migration Will Increase
  • Human Security Requires Climate Security
  • Sustainable Land Use Is Essential to Meeting Climate Targets
  • Financial Institutions Are Falling Short on Sustainability Goals
  • The World Must Address Loss and Damage
  • Inclusive Decision-making Is Key for Climate-resilient Development
  • The World Can Break Down Structural Barriers

The 2022 report includes the expertise of more than 60 researchers from across the globe, as well as of another 15 on the editorial board.

“The report is based on new knowledge that emerged in the past 12 months … We start after the COP each year, and the process goes up to the following COP,” explains Wendy Broadgate, a global hub director at Future Earth (hosting the Earth Commission) and editorial board member of the report.

Future Earth is the world’s largest network of sustainability scientists, and is the scientific cornerstone of the Global Commons Alliance.

10 New Insights in Climate Science (2022)
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10 New Insights in Climate Science (2022)

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