Global challenges need global cooperation

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The global risks

The mission of the Global Challenges Foundation is to prevent, or at least reduce the likelihood, of a catastrophe that would cause the death of over 10% of humanity, or cause damage on a similar scale. This is known as a global catastrophic risk.

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Global challenges require global cooperation. We will not come up with and implement the perfect solution to the world’s greatest challenges on our own. In fact, nobody will.

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Global Challenges Foundation52 minutes ago
The #blockchain could be successfully integrated to the policy of the United Nations, NGOs and other global organizations
Global Challenges Foundation4 hours ago
The @CP_OEA is one of the oldest shapes of regional governance. How much do you know about this transcontinental organisation?
Global Challenges Foundation6 hours ago
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Global Challenges Foundation
Global Challenges Foundation10 hours ago

The Global Challenges Foundation wants to see new global governance models that can help mitigate or eliminate global catastrophic risk. This calls for better knowledge...

Global Challenges Foundation
Global Challenges Foundation21 hours ago

The climate crisis and the Covid-19 pandemic harshly highlight that there is a lack of an “all-of-government” and an “all-of-multilateralism” approach to addressing contemporary global...

Global Challenges Foundation
Global Challenges Foundation1 day ago

The CARICOM: Caribbean Community is a grouping of Caribbean and South American nations. How much do you actually know about one of the longest standing...

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