February 6, 2023

Video-op: Better Global Governance re the Triple Planetary Crisis

In Brazil in January, the organisation Plataforma CIPÓ* hosted a global meeting for stakeholders to discuss innovative solutions for addressing the intersection between climate change, biodiversity, nature loss, pollution and much more. A number of selected seminar and talks can be watched online via YouTube. Follow the link provided in ths post (on laptop: right, […]

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📢 Webinar “the energy crises – a new energy landscape?” among others w/GCF’s Head of Development Linda Burenius
🗓️ 3 Feb 12-13pm CET
📍 Pls note held in Swedish
Arr @AHallbarhet @dagensindustri
🔗 Program & free login
#sustainability #energy #climate

Hållbart Näringsliv webbsändning


📢 Login and listen to GCF's Head of Research Magnus Jiborn – and join the talks:
🗓️ 19-20 January
📍 Recife, Brazil
#PlanetaryCrisis #RecifeGPD
Agenda ...🔗https://plataformacipo.org/en/events/global-policy-dialogue-addressing-the-triple-planetary-crisis-through-improved-global-governance/


Join the Global Policy Dialogue from anywhere in the world, live from Brazil.

🗓️ 19-20 January
📍 Recife, Brazil

#PlanetaryCrisis #RecifeGPD

Agenda 🔗 ...https://plataformacipo.org/en/events/global-policy-dialogue-addressing-the-triple-planetary-crisis-through-improved-global-governance/

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Christmas time🎄Reading time📚 🟰➡️ Dive into highly interesting reports and papers from partners and collaborators to us at the Foundation 🔗
#ClimateAction #ClimateJustice #NaturePositive #nuclearsecurity #nuclearban

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Holiday season – reading season - The Global Challenges Foundation

This seminar will explore responsibilities and opportunities for businesses in climate change adaptation.