Global challenges need global cooperation

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Laszlo Szombatfalvy 1927-2022

Author, philanthropist and financial analyst Laszlo Szombatfalvy, founder of the Global Challenges Foundation, has passed away.

In memory of our founder


Global challenges require global cooperation. We will not come up with and implement the perfect solution to the world’s greatest challenges on our own. In fact, nobody will.

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Our View on global catastrophic risks as existential threats to humanity.

Lineage extinction is considerable also in a population with strong population growth. See study below by @MartinKolk & @VSkirbekk on #demography.

The night sky may appear to be a tranquil place, but, in reality, cataclysmic events occur continuously throughout the Cosmos.

Will we survive the nearby formation of a Black Hole?

Find out here: 🔗 ...

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Each year the Global Challenges Foundation publishes a report about global catastrophic risks. New one upcoming soon @Newzworm1

A list of global catastrophic risks from the Global Challenges Foundation's reports published by TV9 Bangla


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