Global challenges need global cooperation

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The global risks

The mission of the Global Challenges Foundation is to prevent, or at least reduce the likelihood, of a catastrophe that would cause the death of over 10% of humanity, or cause damage on a similar scale. This is known as a global catastrophic risk.

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Global challenges require global cooperation. We will not come up with and implement the perfect solution to the world’s greatest challenges on our own. In fact, nobody will.

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Global Challenges Foundation5 hours ago
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Global Challenges Foundation11 hours ago
Unlike nuclear weapons, which require rare materials and complex engineering, biological and chemical weapons can be developed at a comparatively low cost. Download @kaneview report...
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Global Challenges Foundation
Global Challenges Foundation13 hours ago

Our times call for truth telling. This changing atmosphere opens a great opportunity for journalists to work more closely with the UN, and play a...

Global Challenges Foundation
Global Challenges Foundation19 hours ago

What key structural changes are needed for the UN to effectively address the greatest challenges of our time?

Global Challenges Foundation
Global Challenges Foundation2 days ago

Without journalists and without access we would be without perspective, without context, and in some cases, without the truth.