Global challenges need global cooperation

Global risks extreme weather climate change tornado blows through a landscape

Global Risks

Global Challenges Foundations mission is to prevent, or at least reduce the probability, of a catastrophe that would cause the death of over 10% of humanity, or global risks causing damage on a similar scale. This is known as a global catastrophic risk.

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Global challenges need global cooperation. We will not come up with and implement the perfect solution to the world’s greatest challenges on our own. In fact, nobody will.

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Protect #HumanRights & stop #deforestation in 2030 through instituting the Responsibility Chains Process, a multi-stakeholder process suggested by @AAbdenur @mafolly & Maja Groff. Policy Brief 👉

How to protect the world's forests? @AAbdenur @mafolly & Maja Groff suggest a Responsibility Chains Process to independently monitor specific goals, such as stopping illegal #deforestation by 2030. Policy Brief:

Stellar-panel incl @mfespinosaEC, Richard Ponzio @StimsonCenter, Georgios Kostakos @foggs_org @HJGleckman @MJRodriguesEU says use current global and political context to accelerate reform processes within #un

At a High-Level #UNGA77 Side Event; all agree on more ambition, and drive forward global good governance renewal and innovation up to SOTF2024. HSH Prince Albert II introduce the incl María Fernanda Espinosa @c4unwn
@StimsonCenter  @BahaiBIC  
@mfespinosaEC #UNGA

Keep at 1.5 degrees- engage with social tipping points as well - they are as important!
@jrockstrom @exponentialroad @PIK
#NYCClimateWeek #solutionshouse #UNGA77

Pioneering on Exponential Policies tailored to trigger cascading system changes. Arunabha Ghosh @CEEWIndia Magnus Jiborn @ChallengesFnd Johan Falk @exponentialroad Dhairya Pujara @Ycenterglobal Lars Lundström @H2GreenSteel #MajaGroff #NYCClimateWeek #solutionshouse #UNGA77

Join us at: #UNGA High-Level discussion on “Making the Most of the 2024 #SummitOfTheFuture”. w/@StimsonCenter @BahaiBIC @ClubdeMadrid @UNUCPR

🗓️ 22 September

#global #crisis #COVID19 #ClimateChange #2030Agenda #UNGA77

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Part of #NYCClimateWeek #solutionshouse parallel to #UNGA77, the launch of the upgraded 1.5°C #BusinessPlaybook.
Supported by the most disruptive and innovative companies on Earth.
@exponentialroad @estoknes @futerra