New Shape Library

The New Shape Library is a curated archive of 64 submissions from the New Shape Prize, which brought together some of the brightest minds from academia, politics, business and civil society across the globe. Entrants were asked to focus on designing a decision-making structure or framework that could galvanise effective international action to tackle global catastrophic risks.

The selection below is largely based on the shortlist developed by the 10 regional panels during the judging process. It offers some of the most inspiring ideas on reforming international institutions, new frameworks for global cooperation, and applications of emerging technologies for the common good.

The proposals below are intended for further testing and implementation. We encourage you to read them for personal inspiration, and try them out in your context. If you believe that those ideas could be particularly useful in an area where you could test them, or if you can see ways of improving on any of the proposals below, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us at

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