The Earth Commission

About the Earth Commission partnership

The mission of the Earth Commission is to assess the latest science to underpin the development of science-based targets for systems like land, water, and biodiversity. Such targets will be able to contribute to re-stabilizing Earth’s natural systems and work towards ensuring a planet where humans can thrive.

The Earth Commission is the first holistic attempt to scientifically define and quantify a safe and just corridor for people and planet, avoiding crossing irreversible tipping points. The Commission is hosted by Future Earth, the world’s largest network of sustainability scientists, and is the scientific cornerstone of the Global Commons Alliance.

The final report is scheduled to early 2023. 

The Commission is among others supported by the Global Challenges Foundation.

The grant from Global Challenges Foundation also finance professor Johan Rockström of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, PIK, to assess global systemic risks with specific focus on developing a system risk framework for Earth system change and to integrate tipping points into the model.

Call to Action

Read more about the Earth Commission’s work to identify governance solutions for a safe and just planet on their web page.