The New Shape Library is a curated archive containing some of the most innovative and interesting submissions sent to the New Shape Prize. The list has been curated by the Global Challenges Foundation and is largely comprised of the submissions shortlisted by the 10 regional panels for consideration towards the semifinal round of judging.

In the New Shape Prize, the Global Challenges Foundation brought together some of the brightest minds from academia, politics, business and civil society to create better conditions for securing a better future for coming generations. 

Entrants to the New Shape Prize were asked to focus on designing a decision-making structure or framework that could galvanise effective international action to tackle global catastrophic risks.

Global governance needs to be reshaped to fit the 21st century. We need to further stimulate debate about the challenges we collectively face and the solutions that have been proposed to tackle global them.

In the New Shape Library you will find inspiring ideas on reforming current international institutions, innovative approaches to global cooperation, and thoughtful propositions on how to apply emerging technologies for the common good.

Which of them would work? Which ideas could mutually strengthen each other? How would you go about improving the world?