Webinar: Energy Shortages Creates a New Energy Landscape



Published 2023-02-03

Friday 3 Feb, 12-13pm CET. Please note held in Swedish.

How are today’s energy shortages paving the way for a whole new energy landscape?

Focusing on Swedish companies’ business strategic sustainability work and the future, the two renowned Swedish newspapers “Dagens Industri” and “Aktuell Hållbarhet” arrange recurrent webinars on the subject matter.

The theme this upcoming Friday lies on energy and how Swedish companies will be affected now and in the future.

Linda Burenius, Head of Development at Global Challenges Foundation, participate with an introduction commenting on the current situation, how businesses can push for sustainable regulatory change, as well as making a concluding summation. 

The discussion among experts in the studio will explore how today’s energy shortages are paving the way for a whole new energy landscape. In a completely new situation where a previously cheap resource has become extremely costly, companies need to think anew. What are the opportunities and challenges? How should companies act?

It is free to participate though please note the seminar is held in Swedish. 

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Sustainable Business: The New Energy Landscape

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