UNGA side-event 19th Sept: How to renew the UN



Published 2023-09-18

Magnus Jiborn, the Global Challenges Foundation’s Head of Research, participates in an event on Tuesday where a high-level panel will discuss possible changes in consumption, the limits of growth, and binding international commitments necessary to protect environmental, as well as human well-being.

Present on the panel with Magnus Jiborn are:

  • Rebecca Shoot, Executive Director, Citizens for Global Solutions.
  • Luis-Felipe Lopez-Calva, Global Director, Poverty and Equity, World Bank Group.
  • Lisa Palmer, Research Professor of Science Communication, George Washington University.
  • Keisha McGuire, Present Future Institute, former Ambassador of Grenada.
  • Derek Walker, Future Generations Commissioner for Wales.

Full program: ‘A Second Charter: Imagining a Renewed United Nations’

Kindly register on this link, in order to attend, there is also a possibility to attend via Zoom.

Please click on this link in order to download the full programme of the side event.

Organisers are the Global Governance Forum (GGF) and the Baha’i International Community’s United Nations Office.

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