UN Advisory Board urges global action to tackle crisis


Report / Paper

Published 2023-04-19

Recommendations ahead of the 2024 Summit of the Future

The United Nations Secretary-General’s High-Level Advisory Board on Effective Multilateralism (HLAB) has released a report highlighting the urgent need for collective action to tackle global issues such as climate change, inequality, and conflicts. 

Suggestions range from reformed global finance over to better digital and data governance. Moreover gender equality needs to be at the heart of a reinvigorated multilateral architecture.

HLAB’s co-chairs, Nobel laureate Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and former Swedish prime minister Stefan Löfven, stressed the importance of effective multilateralism in addressing these challenges, stating that “no country can do it alone.” 

The report from HLAB was released April 18. 

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Full report: A Breakthrough for People and Planet

Effective and Inclusive Global Governance for Today and the Future.

Open report on HLAB website
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