The new AI search bots – fantastic tools or potential threats?



Published 2023-02-13

Even if it is only a few months since the chatbot ChatGPT launched, the AI-powered tool already has been used by over 100 million people worldwide according to some statistics.

Questions on risks need to be examined

The other week the waitlist for the new similarly AI powered Microsoft Bing gathered 1 million sign-ups in just 48 hours. Almost parallel Google entered the competition and presented its new search bot named “Bard”.

Potential users are all of us; from students using it for reports and homework, or professionals looking for tailor made briefs on various subject matters, over to love seekers getting help to create the perfect messages to potential dates. 

But looking deeper there are more serious things to consider. In the latest edition of the Global Challenges Foundation’s yearly Global Catastrophic Risks Report the AI expert Ariel Conn, discusses risks and opportunities.

Please note the Global Catastrophic Risks Report was written and finalised before the launch of ChatGPT and other similar.

Robot hand. Cyber communication concept isolated on turquoise background. close up.

In the Global Catastrophic Risks Report 2022, go to page 29 to read more on artificial intelligence.

Open report

About the risk expert

Ariel Conn is the Director of Communications and Outreach for the Future of Life Institute. Her work covers a range of fields, including lethal autonomous weapons, artificial intelligence (AI) safety, AI policy, nuclear weapons, biotechnology and climate change.

IoT machine learning with human and object recognition which use artificial intelligence to measurements, analytic and identical concept, it invents to classification, estimate, prediction, database

Test Chat GPT

Click on the link to come to the company Open AI and test their “Chat GPT”.

Ghat GPT
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