Sustainable population in the time of climate change


Report / Paper

Published 2024-05-15

Conclusions of the research project

The research project discusses how large Earth’s sustainable population can become and how it could affect climate change and land use. It refers to earlier theories by Thomas Malthus and emphasizes that technological development expands the limits of agriculture. Improvement also exposes new limits, such as climate change.

This is the final report summarising the findings of the sustainable population research project. Scientists discuss linear relationships between population growth and climate impact and emphasize the importance of economic growth and technological development.

Despite the optimism surrounding technology, the report emphasizes that political innovations are necessary to solve the climate crisis and limit population growth. Although population decline is to expect in the long term, it may present challenges to human development.


Sustainable population in the time of climate change

The research project’s final report

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The organisations behind the report

The Institute for Futures Studies is an independent research foundation that promotes future perspectives in research and public debate.

The Global Challenges Foundation provides funding for the “Sustainable Population in the Time of Climate Change” research project.

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