Survey on Potential Institutions for Future Generations


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Published 2024-03-27

Results from a Six-Country Public Opinion Survey

This survey on potential institutions for future generations is a publication by the Institute for Futures Studies. It delves into the growing interest among policymakers, civil society, and academics in establishing institutions for future generations (IFGs).

Spanning six countries, including Sweden, Brazil, India, Italy, Nigeria, and the United States, the research identifies popular choices for future institutions such as expert councils, youth parliament seats, legislator debates on new laws, and even the power to sue governments for neglecting the interests of future generations.

Audience raising hands up while businessman is speaking in training at the office.

Potential Institutions for Future Generations: What Do Current Generations Think?

Results from a Six-Country Public Opinion Survey.

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The organisations behind the report

The Institute for Futures Studies is an independent research foundation that promotes future perspectives in research and public debate.

The Global Challenges Foundation provides funding for the “Potential Institutions for Future Generations” survey.

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