A safe future for people and the planet – Earth system boundaries must include justice


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Published 2023-03-02

Urgent to set up new framework: living within planetary limits must include attention to justice. That is one of many important conclusions in new study published in Nature Sustainability.

New study from Earth Commission

Behind the research stands an international team of scientists from the Earth Commission, convened by Future Earth.

“While it is important to establish boundaries for climate change, biodiversity, water, and pollution that ensure a stable and safe earth system we also need to consider how such boundaries can also be just in minimizing harm to humans and nature.”, says one of the authors Diana Liverman, Earth Commission member and Regents professor at the University of Arizona.

The scientific journal Nature
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The scientific journal Nature

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“We need to assess who is most responsible for Earth system change, who is most vulnerable to it, and who should take action to reduce the risks and reallocate resources, responses and risks in line with principles of justice”, she adds.

Future Earth is the world’s largest network of sustainability scientists, and is the scientific cornerstone of the Global Commons Alliance. The Global Challenges Foundation supports the Earth Commission.

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