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Published 2023-10-11

Global survey reveals strong support for global governance and legislation

In a recent international survey, global public opinion has shown overwhelming support for the establishment of a world parliament and binding global legislation. The study encompassed 13 out of 15 countries, with a substantial consensus in favour of these concepts. Respondents in these nations expressed either “strong” or “somewhat” approval of the ideas.

Kenya led the way with an impressive 80 per cent approval rate, closely followed by India almost as high approval rate. South Africa garnered more than 70 per cent approval, while Tunisia and Indonesia received slightly less. South Korea also showed strong support, with 65 per cent in favor. 

The survey, known as ‘The Global Census Poll 2023’, was conducted by YouGov on behalf of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation.

‘The Global Census Poll 2023’
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‘The Global Census Poll 2023’

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