Preventative Measures for Money Laundering and Corruption


Report / Paper

Published 2024-04-24

Preventing and prosecuting global financial crimes

This brief assesses the implementation of preventative global measures to combat money laundering and corruption. It suggests solutions such as universal jurisdiction and bilateral agreements for enhancing preventative measures for better cooperation.

Using Qatar as a case study, it proposes ideas on how to improve anti-money laundering mechanisms and advocates for educational and regulatory collaborations between countries.

Ultimately, the brief emphasizes the importance of influential countries setting high standards to inspire others to follow suit in fighting financial crimes.

The image shows dollar bills, currencies and BitCoin tokens.

Enhancing Preventative Measures for Money Laundering and Corruption

The Global Governance Innovation Network Policy Brief Series

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The organisations behind the report

The Stimson Center is a leading foreign affairs think tank promoting international security and shared prosperity through applied research and global engagement.

The Global Challenges Foundation provides funding for “Enhancing Preventative Measures for Money Laundering and Corruption”.

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