About the Together First partnership

The UN’s 75th anniversary in 2020 must be the starting point of global governance transformation. The Together First campaign aims to achieve this by giving civil society a seat at the table when the world’s future is being discussed. 

Together First’s approach is by building coalitions of NGOs, activists and campaigners around the most promising ideas of how global governance systems can be improved to make humanity better equipped to tackle global catastrophic risks and other major challenges that humanity faces collectively, and provide a platform for turning these ideas into reality.

The campaign coordinates work to mitigate major global threats like climate change and other environmental crises, extreme poverty, weapons of mass destruction and cyber warfare. These global catastrophic risks remains entirely inadequate governed and overwhelmingly dominated by states, despite it being apparent that, to be successful, a host of other actors need to be part of the decision-making process.

By defining clear and bold visions and demonstrating to decision- makers where support and resources for proposed transformational ideas can be found, Together First will provide realistic roadmaps for change implementation.

You can read more about this partnership here

Call to action

If humanity is to survive, we need a shared vision for the future, greater cooperation and urgent action to tackle global problems.

You and your civic group can join in with Together First and participate in its consultation to identify solutions to global threats, in order to make the UN’s 75th anniversary count!