Global Catastrophic Risks

Each year, the Global Challenges Foundation publishes an analysis of the major threats against humanity.

The report, titled Global Catastrophic Risks, is based on the latest scientific research, and contains contributions from leading academic experts all over the world. The annual report details the major global risks, and provides a summary of what actions are being taken to manage them. The aim of the annual reports on global risks is to create a deeper understanding of global catastrophic risk, and thereby to spark a discussion of how the management of such risks can be developed and improved.

Policy Outlooks

The Global Challenges Foundation also publishes policy outlook reports, in which leading figures in research, politics, business and civil society discuss the most current challenges we are currently facing and how they can be effectively and equitably managed.

Download the reports:

Global Catastrophic Risks Report 2022: A Year of Colliding Consequences

A World Climate Bank

A new understanding of global health security: three interlocking functions

Global Catastrophic Risks 2021: Navigating the Complex Intersections

Learning from success stories in addressing global catastrophic risks

D10 A Global Coalition for Democracy in the Making?

Global Catastrophic Risks 2020

Global Catastrophic Risks 2018

Quarterly Report #7, November 2018 – From idea to prototype: The New Shape Process – Global governance innovation

Quarterly Report #6, February 2018 – Watchdog for the future – the journalist as pioneer of a new global narrative

Global Catastrophic Risks 2017

Quarterly Report #5, November 2017 – Global governance in the age of disruptive technology

Quarterly Report #4, September 2017 – Global governance for global citizens – new frameworks, new ideas

Quarterly Report #3, March 2017 – Global cooperation in dangerous times: Learning from the past to inform the future

Global Catastrophic Risks 2016