Educators' Challenge

The Educators’ Challenge was a competition created by the Global Challenges Foundation, to seek innovative approaches to engage students and broader audiences in discussions on the importance and principles of global governance, its history and its potential future. These approaches provide a basis for continued ideation and discussion on how we can better address the greatest challenges of our time.

Educators of all sorts – teachers in schools and universities, journalists, content creators, PR-professionals, game developers, curators, and influencers – were encouraged to submit their ideas to the competition. They all have a vital role to play in steering the conversation and increasing knowledge and positive action on better frameworks of global collaboration and global catastrophic risks.

The Educators’ Challenge competition opened on 1 November 2017 and closed for submissions on 30 June 2018. The submissions were first evaluated by the semi-final jury with members from BBC Earth, Games for Change, Ashoka and EsGlobal, among others. Twelve finalist were selected on this evaluation.

The Educators’ Challenge Awards, co-hosted by the LSE- Institute of Global Affairs, was held on 15 May 2019.

The nine winners, decided by a seven-person jury, received a diploma for their contributions and an award of USD 5,000 each.

The winners are:

A global security system: An alternative to war received The People's Choice Award and won with more than 34 percent of the votes.