Increasing awareness of global catastrophic risks,
while searching for the governance that can decrease them.

The Global Challenges Foundation works to raise awareness of the greatest threats facing humanity. In particular climate change, other environmental damage and political violence, and how these threats are linked to poverty and the rapid growth in global population. These problems appear insurmountable without an international body with decision-making mandate. The Foundation is therefore working to identify possible solutions and models as to how the United Nations can develop, and initiate new ideas on working global governance.

The Foundation’s analysis


Risk awareness

Insurance premium calculations and share valuations, the logic behind road traffic systems and the fairness of medical decisions – all these processes depend on a single tool: risk analysis. We would never accept a roundabout where we could see in advance that every other vehicle could potentially collide, or catch a flight if one in every ten planes crashes. Yet when it comes to the big threats facing humanity, the risks and consequences that must be dealt with are being ignored. The Global Challenges Foundation considers this situation to be deeply problematic and must be rectified immediately. Read more…


Global governance

The major threats facing mankind are so enormous that they require global action. The United Nations was established to promote international cooperation, but 70 years later it is in need of reform. Effective forms of global decision-making are known as ‘global governance’ and the Global Challenges Foundation is working to map and develop this field. By collating and structuring both existing and new ideas and models relating to the issue, the Foundation will help to accelerate the establishment of an effective global governance system – if possible through the comprehensive reform of the United Nations – which has the power to combat the global, catastrophic risks facing mankind today. Read more…

How the Foundation operates

The Global Challenges Foundation runs and finances its own projects of both shorter and longer duration. The Foundation is always searching for new initiatives and project leaders who share its views on the world and who present interesting proposals. The Foundation’s projects must all be clearly linked to raising awareness of global risks, or be aimed at investigations and the development of ideas concerning how effective global governance processes could and should work.

Voices about the Foundation

Ideas concerning the Foundation and collaboration with like-minded individuals and organisations are welcomed. A number of voices about the Foundation are brought together here. Read more…