Positive tipping points – how to bridge the gap between solutions and climate negotiations



Published 2023-11-21

Save the date: 2 December, Global Challenges Foundation seminar at COP28

Tipping points occur not only in undesirable processes, but also in desirable contexts. Whilst human activities are pushing the planet towards negative tipping points, jeopardising the very foundations of human well-being on earth, there exists viable solutions that could keep the world on track – provided there’s robust support in policy, finance, and leadership for swift global implementation..

Together with business leaders, policymakers and scientists we’ll explore the positive tipping points on the horizon or already achieved, delving into the success factors driving these transformative moments.

Among the participants

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The seminar will be moderated by Dr. Arunabha Ghosh, and Linda Burenius, Head of Development, Global Challenges Foundation.

More information

Business Sweden is hosting the event, arranged by the Global Challenges Foundation. The seminar is held at the Business Sweden pavilion, in the Blue Zone at COP28 Saturday 2 December 10:00 – 11:15 GST (GMT+4).

The seminar will be broadcasted live from Business Sweden’s web-page (registration needed), please see link below.

For further updates on the agenda and participants, please check in here or on the social media feed X and, or LinkedIn.

For further background: A text on tipping points by Magnus Jiborn, senior advisor, Global Challenges Foundation

The UN Climate Change Conference COP28 will take place 1 – 12 December 2024 in Dubai, UAE.

Participate digitally at the seminar

Participate digitally at the seminar

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