10 x climate science insights for 2023/2024


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Published 2023-12-05

In the yearly report on new climate science knowledge the 2023/2024 edition “10 New Insights in Climate Science” equips policymakers with the latest research to inform COP28 negotiations and decision making in 2024 and beyond.

The hope is that this year’s 10 New Insights in Climate Science will be reflected in the outcomes at COP28:

  1. Taking unambiguous steps towards clear commitments for a managed phase-out of all fossil fuels, recognising the risks of prolonged overshoot, the uncertainties over the future of natural carbon sinks, and the remaining challenges for realising the complementary role of CDR.
  2. Strengthening the international support for adaptation and preparedness plans, in the face of emerging risks resulting from current and committed levels of global warming.
  3. Stressing the importance of food systems transformation as a key engine of climate action and climate justice.
  4. Advancing the integration of climate change and biodiversity in international policy agendas, and further promoting a holistic and equitable systems transformation premised on the interconnectedness of the challenges facing life on Earth.
10 New Insights in Climate Science (2023/2024)
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10 New Insights in Climate Science (2023/2024)

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The report is produced by Future Earth, The Earth League and World Climate Research Programme.

Photo: Alexander Hall/Imagebank.Sweden.se

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