In the 21st century humanity is facing a range of severe risks and challenges that call for effective global action.

To manage these challenges, we need institutions that allow us to take and implement collective decisions on a global level, in a way that takes the interests of all into account. The current international system has unfortunately proved unable to cope with the most pressing global issues in an acceptable way.

Throughout history, several writers have designed and proposed models of global governance. This short paper presents only a small sample of these ideas. Magnus Jiborn, researcher at Lund School of Economics and Management, has produced the paper “Global governance models in history” for The Global Challenges Foundation, available for download on this web page in Arabic, Mandarin, English, French, Spanish, Swedish, and Russian.

Hopefully, some of these ideas could serve as inspiration for readers who want to continue the endeavor to find new solutions to an issue that is old, but more urgent than ever.