The Global Challenges Foundation and the Geneva Disarmament Platform, in partnership with the Observer Research Foundation and Chatham House, are pleased to announce the 2019 New Shape Forum on Weapons Governance, which will take place in Geneva from 30 September to 1 October 2019. 

Weapons governance – in the form of arms control, disarmament, non-proliferation, international humanitarian law, and related efforts – is a key component of global governance and historically has made a significant contribution to strengthening international peace and security, managing global risks, and reducing the harmful consequences of armed conflict. But traditional arms control and disarmament regimes are under stress, agreements and treaties are unravelling, and progress on new agreements is increasingly blocked. Moreover, new risks, many driven by technologies, are emerging.

The 2019 New Shape Forum will convene a wide range of actors to tackle these challenges, drawing on perspectives from other areas of global governance and exploring how different stakeholders imagine their respective roles as agents of weapons governance. 

Read more about the agenda and the speakers here.