The submission proposes a reform to increase the involvement of the private sector in order to solve global challenges. The reform regards the insertion of social conditionality in intellectual property agreements. The granting of a patent would require licensees to abide by similar industry best practices as licensors. The inclusion of such conditionality would be promoted and facilitated through the foundation of a Global Partnership for Social Patents. This organization would also liaise with civil society, provide technical expertise to licensees, and would ensure accountability by acting as an interested party in license agreements regarding the intellectual property.

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Thomas Höhne-Sparborth 

Dr. Höhne-Sparborth is originally from the Netherlands, where he studied human rights and political science. In 2008, he completed a graduate degree in international economics at Johns Hopkins University, after completing research in Saudi Arabia as well as a brief period providing legislative support at the US Senate.

He subsequently worked for the International Organization for Migration, where he led the IOM’s first missions to Al Waleed refugee camp at the border between Syria and Iraq. Afterwards, he joined the French NGO Médecins du Monde, supporting emergency and reproductive healthcare projects in Darfur and Myanmar.

In 2012, Dr. Höhne joined Roskill, a metals and minerals consultancy, where he is presently its director for Economics & Analytics, specializing in the socio-economic role of mining industries and the impact of automotive electrification on raw materials and sustainability. During this time, Dr. Höhne also received a full scholarship from the London School of Economics and Political Science, where he recently completed his doctoral degree on the regional effects of armed conflict.

Dr. Höhne’s submission focuses on the introduction of a more effective mechanism for promoting private sector participation in global challenges, a topic which he hopes to dedicate his future career to.