The submission proposes a decentralized, high efficiency mechanism for collectively identifying global risks and rapidly directing practical responses to combat those risks, utilizing a blockchain platform. The platform is equally accessible to individuals, states and emerging and established Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs). It is intended to create an idea-to-action marketplace where solutions to pressing global challenges can be proposed, rapidly adopted, funded and then implemented via smart contracts. The blockchain model lacks a standard hierarchy, with all decision making the de facto result of collective action, conducted openly. Financing is provided through a connected cryptocurrency. Once a smart contract seeking a particular action is placed on the blockchain, the request is instantly visible to any other NGO, private individual, government entity or commercial contractor, which may then undertake to fulfill some or all of the contract. The end result is a purpose-built economy which exists to identify and solve large scale problems.

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John R. Bowley

John Bowley is an attorney based in Chicago.  His legal practice concentrates on civil rights, environmental, small business and public interest/pro bono matters. His areas of interest and research include cryptocurrency, cryptotheory and other blockchain applications; human rights for transgender people and sex workers, individual privacy, governmental transparency, “Black Swan” events and methodologies for assessing catastrophic risk. He has maintained a lifelong interest in technology and its social impact: During law school, he took night classes in programming and earned a UNIX certification. Upon graduation he participated in the inaugural session of the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University Law School's Internet and Law Program, a residential symposium with participants from 26 nations that investigated then-novel issues in Internet law and policy, economics, intellectual property, Internet governance, free speech, privacy and jurisdiction. In his spare time he enjoys hiking, collecting rare books and old magazines, and seeking out, tasting and cooking regional pizza variations.