Project categories

Three main categories of projects are viable for economic support from the Global Challenges Foundation in 2021:

Innovation projects which aim at developing solutions for global governance and improve humanities ability to mitigate global catastrophic risks. Observe that this is not primarily technological innovation but process, social and/or organizational innovation.

Research projects which aim at generating new knowledge that improve our understanding about what is needed to mitigate global catastrophic risks, the gaps of current systems for global governance and the conditions needed to implement necessary changes. Projects supported by the Global Challenges Foundation must maintain high scientific quality and follow established principles for good research practice.Research projects that receive a GCF grant should i) strengthen the formulation and evaluation of new global governance solutions or ii) contribute to an increased demand for solutions.

Communication and educational projects which aim at communicating knowledge about global catastrophic risks and the need of global governance to mitigate these, or ideas about governance solutions, to leading actors in media, academic communities, business and civil society. This category also includes projects which aim at developing new methods to communicate this knowledge and ideas.

The deadline to submit proposals in 2021 is October 8th 4 pm CET

How to apply

Please read the Global Challenges Foundation's general application guidelines for Research calls.

The opportunity to submit an open application to GCF’s research call is currently closed. At the moment it has not been decided when a new call will open.