The world has an issue: trillions of dollars are parked at negative interest rates. Simultaneously, hundreds of projects in the developing world sadly never materialize. The reason? Not being “eligible” for the larger players (pension funds, insurance companies) due to their risk. Concurrently, the World Bank has two unique features: it can issue debt at exceptionally low terms and has never experienced a default. Meanwhile, there are 2,000 billionaires worldwide that share a common element: a fraction of their wealth is held in cash. Lastly, there is a concept that applies to almost any field with the exception of the financial world: “sponsorship”. The proposal is the to set up a systematic structure within the World Bank, the “Sponsored Loans Program”, that would enable billionaires to sponsor projects as guarantors, becoming the new standard for development finance.

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Eduardo Pascual Pouteau 

Cofounder of Contrarian-View and genuinely interested in the interlink between development and inequality, Mr. Pascual currently serves as a consultant for the World Bank. A 17-year investment banking veteran (Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse) and a regular contributor to main Spanish media, he holds a BA in Business (Complutense) and a MS in Foreign Service (Georgetown). Born in Paris and raised in Madrid, Mr. Pascual currently resides in Washington, DC. He is a proud father of three daughters.