The submission proposes a parallel global governance structure consisting of an international cooperative entity of local communities that collaborate on a wide range of local, regional, and global topics and challenges. Local voluntary communities can apply for membership in the global organization and can then select representatives to a global assembly. This assembly forms an equivalent of a government from its ranks. The structure also includes an equivalent of a judicial branch. A new kind of global IT platform, a reliable and secure open source network, connects the local communities with each other. The platform supports the structure’s decision-making process, with characteristics from both direct democracy and representative democracy.

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Stephan Bettzieche, Katharina Peter

PacELNoroc – We ourselves are the Positivity that we seek.

PacELNoroc is a civil society initiative for global citizens with an open mind and a caring heart who share the belief that a better society can be built when as many people as possible contribute to shaping a sustainable, self-determined and fulfilling future for us all.

Therefore, we develop, promote and share alternative, but practical, solutions for the major questions of our time and encourage the positive development of human attitudes and actions wherever and whenever possible. We see ourselves as societal engineers and an inspirational force.

PacELNoroc was founded in May 2016 by Katharina Peter and Stephan Bettzieche:

Katharina was born in 1977 and lives in Berlin. She studied linguistics and communication sciences, works in various fields related to education and health, and volunteers in the end-of-life care.

Stephan was born in 1970 and lives in Munich. He is managing director of Gemino GmbH Language Services & Solutions and co-founder of several initiatives in the fields of participation and networking.

Their passion for the complex wonder of life is nourished by the belief that everything is possible.