The submission is a proposal for increasing the world’s governance variety, in order to enhance the wellbeing of all species. Formed as an action learning organisation in eight regions that models the regulations, decision-making paths, control mechanisms and appointment processes that it wants to research and propagate more widely. The organization is open to institutions at any level, with proactive engagement of research, business and civil society organizations with proven commitment to ecological and social well-being. The EDGEs - assemblies of organisations, networks and initiatives - use shared decision making processes and information systems to achieve common goals and hold governments and corporations to account. They are to gradually evolve into a global network of multi-scalar EDGEs able to operate from community to international scales. The submission takes example from NGOs and technology platforms showing certain of the characteristics of evolving organizations with emergent features.

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Andrew Goldring

Andy Goldring is Chief Executive of the Permaculture Association, a post he has held since 1999. Significant achievements include the development of the Association from two to twenty five workers, the engagement of hundreds of volunteers that help deliver its ambitious aims, creation of a demonstration network with over 120 Centres across England and Scotland and a growing list of European countries, a self-financing Diploma scheme with 450 action learners, an international research network with 800+ researchers in 70+ countries, delivery of the 12th International Conference with participants from over 65 countries, and a shift towards a more eco-entrepreneurial approach.

He is currently working on a series of international network building projects including: the European Permaculture Network; Ecolise (Transition Towns, Ecovillage Networks, Permaculture and other Community Led Sustainability initiatives); and the Permaculture Co-Lab – an initiative that seeks to enhance the coherence and effectiveness of local to global permaculture networks.

Andy lives in Yorkshire and is an active teacher and designer and contributor to local initiatives including Leeds Love it Share It CIC, Feed Leeds and the Leeds Permaculture Network. He cycles to work, tends a small garden and lives with his family in a retrofitted Victorian terraced house.