The New Shape Prize Competition closed in September 2017. Three winners were awarded at the New Shape Forum in May 2018 - read more about them here.

What is the competition looking for?

The aim of the prize is to find models or frameworks for international cooperation, capable of addressing the interlinked risks and problems of climate change, other large-scale environmental damage, violent conflict (including nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction), extreme poverty, and expected continuing rapid population growth.

The competition was not looking for blueprints for solving the individual issues in question, or to avert specific risks. Rather, entrants had to focus on designing a decision-making structure or framework that could galvanize effective international action to tackle these risks. The proposed model could encompass an entirely new global framework or a proposed reform for existing systems.

Who was the competition open to?

The prize competition was open to anyone - individuals, groups of individuals, universities, companies or associations - anywhere in the world.

What do the winners receive?

Upon the deliberation and decision of the final jury, the Global Challenges Foundation will distribute prize money according to the recommendations that have been put forward.

The prize allocation may also include smaller awards for particularly innovative entries that do not amount to an entire global framework but contain novel partial solutions, such as the composition of a specific decision-making body.

How do you decide the winner(s)?

Entries will be evaluated by ten geographically spread panels of academic experts followed by a high-level international jury of respected global figures. The jury will choose the final winners based on how well they meet the criteria.

What happens to the winning ideas?

GCF is committed to supporting the winning ideas, ultimately towards implementation. However, the precise support will be determined by the nature of those ideas.