The New Shape Prize Competition closed in September 2017. Three winners were awarded at the New Shape Forum in May 2018 - read more about them here.

Submission deadline

The deadline for submission of entries to the Global Challenges Prize 2017: A New Shape competition was 30 September 2017. The web platform for submitting entries closed at 23.59 UTC. 

The entries will pass through three steps in the assessment process. At each step, entries will be assessed and graded according to the set of criteria stated in the competition rules. The assessment will also consider the overall impression and whether an entry contains ideas on how the governance model could realistically be implemented.

No single assessment criterion takes precedence over the others. An entry may be selected if it presents a brilliant solution to a limited sub-problem, even if it fails on some of the other criteria.

Entries will be assessed in anonymised form. Reviewers will not have access to entries before the entry platform closes on 30 September 2017.

Step 1 - Initial assessment and selection of semifinalists

Semifinalists will be selected by Review Panels in December 2017.

The ten review panels are geographically divided: North America, Latin America (assesses entries in Spanish), Western Europe, Eastern Europe (assesses entries in Russian), North Africa/Middle East (assesses entries in Arabic), Eastern/ Southern Africa, Western Africa (assesses entries in French), South Asia, East Asia (assesses entries in Mandarin), and Asia Pacific.

Each panel will consist of renowned experts from different spheres of society and with competences in different fields relevant to the issue. There will be academic experts as well as people with experience and expertise from civil society, politics, diplomacy and international organizations, and there will be people with expertise in different scientific fields such as political science, law, and philosophy.

Each entry will be read and graded independently by at least two reviewers. The most promising entries will be assessed by the entire panel at a meeting where ten entries from each panel are selected for the semi-final.

Entries in languages other than English selected for advancement will be translated into English before the semifinal.

Step 2 - selection of finalists

The entries that have advanced to the semifinal level will be assessed by a Semi-final Jury, which will select a maximum of 20 entries as finalists.

The Semi-final Jury consists of the chairpersons of the regional Review Panels, as well as a number of additional experts, to secure a mix of different perspectives and competencies in the group.

In this step, each entry will initially be read and graded independently by at least three panel members. The most promising entries will then be assessed at a panel meeting where a maximum of 20 finalists are selected.

The meeting is estimated to take place in late February - early March 2018.

After the Semi-final Jury meeting has taken place, participants will be notified of whether their entries have been selected for the final or not.

Step 3 - selection of winners

The winner or winners will be selected by the Final Jury.

Finalists will present their ideas to the Final Jury at the New Shape Forum in Stockholm in May 2018. The Final Jury will review the finalist entries and select the winners.