The Global Challenges Foundation, founded in Stockholm, Sweden, in 2012 by Laszlo Szombatfalvy, has a deep commitment to increasing our knowledge and understanding of global catastrophic risks. Our belief is that broad and in-depth knowledge of those risks is the main key to mitigate, reduce and – hopefully – eliminate most of them.

During the last two years, in co-operation with leading scientists, the Global Challenges Foundation has produced annual reports to categorise and analyse global catastrophic risks. These reports have been well received and appreciated by a large audience within and outside the academic scene.

We are now prepared to take these efforts a step further, and I am pleased to introduce the Global Challenges Foundation’s Quarterly Risk Reports, which will offer opportunities for engagement and reflection between our annual publications. Our aim is to create a forum for conversation among a broad range of people who have an interest in studying and understanding global catastrophic risks. As indicated by the title for this first issue – Resetting the frame –, we are inviting people from all over the globe to take a wider view on global risks. We welcome contributors from various fields and backgrounds to share their insights on the topic, and hereby reveal new perspectives.

I am very happy to introduce Julien Leyre as the editor-in-chief for our risk reports. With roots in Europe, now residing in Melbourne, Australia, and with a vast personal network in Asia, Julien is extremely well suited to host and support this exciting dialogue.

Please enjoy this important read!