Our interconnected world faces complex challenges that transcend national borders and institutional boundaries. In response, the Global Challenges Foundation proposes to host new conversations among leading actors from around the world, to prompt a shared understanding of the current challenges that we face, and explore better ways of managing them. Our Quarterly Risk Reports will serve as a starting point to inspire these conversations. 

Complex problems are best understood through multiple lenses: different frames reveal different perspectives. This first Quarterly Report gathers diverse contributors from four continents, who bring a wealth of expertise across philosophy, law, science, policy, finance and community work. Their voices come here together for the first time, opening new ways of understanding the field.

This report proposes to reset the frame on global catastrophic risk, and support deeper understanding of the greatest challenges that we face. As with all good conversations, our work does not offer definitive answers, but rather, hopes to clarify the terms of the problem, and spark new ideas. In the long term, our goal is to identify solid common ground to serve as a basis for action on a global scale.

Editorial work is not unlike the art of the translator, navigating the flows of two distinct languages. When composing this report, we strove to respect the voices of our authors, while ensuring that diverse audiences would find individual pieces accessible and appreciate the unique angle offered by each contributor on common issues. We hope that this report will constitute an original contribution to the field of global catastrophic risk, prompt a new way of thinking about the greatest challenges that we face and, most importantly, be stimulating to you.