The Educators’ Challenge is a competition created by the Global Challenges Foundation, which seeks innovative approaches to engage students and broader audiences in discussions on the importance and principles of global governance, its history and its potential future. These approaches should provide a basis for continued ideation and discussion on how we can better address the greatest challenges of our time.

Educators of all sorts – teachers in schools and universities, journalists, content creators, PR-professionals, game developers, curators, and influencers – have been encouraged to submit their ideas to the competition as they all have a vital role to play in steering the conversation and increasing knowledge and positive action on better frameworks of global collaboration and global catastrophic risks.

The Educators’ Challenge competition opened in November 1st 2017 and ended in June 30th 2018. The evaluation process of the entries has been carried out in the autumn of 2018. Thirteen semi-final jury members from, BBC Earth, Games for Change, Ashoka and EsGlobal, among others, evaluated the initial entries to the competition. Based on these critiques, twelve finalists advanced to the next stage, where 7 final jury members will select 10 winners.

Winning prizes of US$5000 will be awarded at the Educators' Challenge Awards on the 15th May, to the most creative and effective proposals progressing pedagogy and audience engagement around the pressing issues that require improved global cooperation.

Here you can find material that describes the purpose and rules of the competition. You can also find the submission platform where you submit your competition entry.

You are welcome to use pedagogical materials developed by the Global Challenges Foundation to support the development of your initiative.