A Bottom-Up Approach

: Ruchir Garg

The submission calls for addressing global challenges and the world’s most pressing threats by organizing people through a grassroots movement and creating alternative leadership. It is a civil society solution, based on regeneration of communities. A new not-for-profit organization with "well-being of all" and "responsible living" as core values will create pilot community centers that offer benefits/assistance to local people aligning with it’s vision. Small initiatives for sustainable living will gradually be taken up in these centers. Tools, best practices, and ideas generated from success of these centers will be made available worldwide for replication. This is expected to lead to unprecedented exchange of ideas, and cooperation between people across nations. New community leaders will emerge, who will have the power to influence government, business, and media through the member network.

Ruchir Garg

Ruchir Garg is an engineer at Bloomberg LP, where he writes software for electronic trading applications.

Ruchir has been interested in issues of sustainability and human development for many years. After reading about permaculture and natural farming methods, he took to farming in Hyderabad, India, to discover first-hand if natural farming methods were commercially viable. He learnt by observing and assisting some of the most renowned natural farming practitioners in India. Being a fan of the mango, he planted 40 local varieties on his farm, in addition to 15 commercial varieties. Though he gave up the farm life after 4 years and returned to his work with computers, the experience led him to a deeper understanding of the state of agriculture in India. It also instilled in him deep appreciation and respect for trees and their healing capacity.

Ruchir is a big advocate of public transportation. In 2011, he presented some innovative solutions to State Transport Corporation executive to reduce private vehicle usage and improve ridership in public buses and trains. This came about after his submission was selected as first runner up in 'Citizens For City' contest organized by FutureCities Foundation in Hyderabad.

Ruchir is fan of the movies. Being not content with merely watching them, he aspries to make them too. His first feature (as Executive Producer), a comedy called 'Its Gawd', is streaming on Amazon since 2017. Featuring Tommy Chong in the lead, it is the story of a flawed 'Gawd' who comes to Earth to save humanity, and his job.

Ruchir is guided by the core belief that self-transformation is the best way to bring about external change. However external conditions must support the transformation. A plant thrives when it has suitable conditions of air, water, and earth. With this proposal, Ruchir's intention is to create conditions by which people can come together and thrive and go on to take better care of the planet.

Ruchir has a bachelor's degree in Computer Science & Engineering from Indian Institute Of Technology, Delhi. He lives in New York. He is currently writing a TV series in his leisure time - a drama about humanity's coming of age.