Banks of Social Capital: The creation of a new institution or how to pivot into the Coliberal Age

: Florent Thurin

The submission proposes an upgrade of the current economic system by enhancing collaboration and shared-values. This is achieved through the creation of a bank, issuing a currency based on ethical and human values rather than on financial ones. Estimating these ethical values through the wisdom of the crowd, facilitated by Artificial Intelligence and secured with Blockchain technology favours a more reliable socio-economic transaction. This institution acts as a redistributive glance. It rewards social involvement and actions that are coherent with the currency’s values. Thus, it reduces the marginal costs of projects, while extracting and redistributing capital created from the now rewarded values.

Florent Thurin

Born in Bordeaux and raised in the surrounding countryside, Florent quickly understood that the world had a lot to offer (and receive). He decided to pursue his economic studies in France and beyond. In February 2015, while doing an internship in Barcelona and inspired from his previous Erasmus experience in Lund, he foresaw the solution to our degenerative economic system within the implementation of an innovative and redistributive institution. Since then, he has undertaken many personal changes to ensure that efforts would line up with ambition.

To gain credibility and knowledge, he decided to pursue a master’s degree in Entrepreneurship & Strategy at the Catholic School of Lisbon. Supportive of his vision, the school and the high-quality supervision he received contributed to a solid academic research on the topic.

Beyond the personal and academic challenges, Florent is driven by a desire to make this solution accessible to everyone. He realised he had to write a book on the topic. This would not only structure the idea and allow him to gain exposure, but also set up the frameworks and specifications of a more collaborative economy.

Today, Florent is 25 and considers himself an enthusiastic learner and a pragmatic dreamer.