About the Global Governance Forum - an integrated set of proposals to review the UN charter

What key structural changes are needed for the United Nations to effectively address the greatest challenges of our time? Directly building on one of the winning entries for the 2017 New Shape Prize, this partnership is exploring an integrated set of proposals to review the UN charter. Together, those reforms would aim to give the UN binding legislative, judicial and enforcement functions so that it can effectively address catastrophic risks, while reserving most functions to states.

Under the proposed model, the General Assembly as the main legislative body, with weighted representation of states, would be complemented by a second chamber representing global citizenry. An Executive Council would replace the Security Council, with no veto rights allocated to the winners of World War II. The International Court of Justice, International Criminal Court, and a Human Rights Tribunal would have compulsory jurisdiction. Most of the present UN system of agencies would be integrated into the new framework, while reliable and enhanced international funding mechanism(s) for the UN would be established, and legitimacy would be increased through popular participation.

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