In 2016, the Global Challenges Foundation began a ten-year collaboration with the Stockholm School of Economics in the field of global risk education. The Global Challenges Track includes mandatory courses on global risk for all students in the first four semesters of the bachelor program. A total of 3000 students will be taking the courses.

This means that a considerable number of future business leaders and other decision-makers will gain new insight into the world in which they will be working, and a greater understanding of the global threats to humanity. They will also be better equipped to analyze how global risks can be managed in the context of successful economic development.

As part of this joint program, the Global Challenges Foundation will contribute a total of SEK 40m during 2016-2026. Maria Perrotta Berlin is Program Director of the Global Challenges Track at the Stockholm School of Economics.

Johan Rockström, member of the board of the Global Challenges Foundation, and director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK), is chairman of the project’s international Advisory Board.

The other members of the Advisory Board are:

Maria Perrotta Berlin, Global Challenges Program Development Director, Stockholm School of Economics; Lin Lerpold, Associate Professor, Misum, Stockholm School of Economics; Johanna Mair, Professor of Organization, Strategy and Leadership at the Hertie School of Governance; Lars Strannegård, President at the Stockholm School of Economics; Kate Raworth, Economist and author; and Katherine Richardson, Leader of the Sustainability Science Centre, University of Copenhagen.

The Global Challenges Foundation hopes that this collaboration with the Stockholm School of Economics will spark interest and be emulated in other leading educational institutions around the world.