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The Global Challenges Foundation accepts grant applications through the following process:

  • Describe your proposal briefly in the GCF application form and submit it.
  • Applications received before the deadline will be reviewed by the GCF Applications team shortly after the deadline.
  • The GCF will invite those who have applied with a brief proposal that are of interest to the foundation to submit a full proposal.
  • Applications that are not of interest to the GCF will receive notice within 2-3 weeks after the deadline.
  • Full proposals are reviewed by the GCF and external reviewers.
  • A final decision to grant funding is taken by the GCF Board approximately 1-2 months after a full proposal is submitted.

Questions regarding the application process can be sent to

The GCF will only select proposals that are in line with our aims and objectives and strengthen current GCF initiatives and be motivated by the foundation's strategic choices and priorities. We do not provide lengthy motives for rejection. Please read the GCF’s objectives and Terms & Conditions carefully before submitting an application. Only non-profit organizations can be assigned grants.Decisions to approve grants are made by the GCF’s board at its meetings.

About the Global Challenges Foundation

The foundation’s goal is to eliminate, or at least minimize, the most pressing global threats to humanity.

GCF works to contribute to increased knowledge and awareness about global catastrophic risks and promote development of improved global governance to prevent the largest and most pressing threats to humanity. GCF works to reform and renew institutions and structures that more effectively than today can collaborate across nation borders and make common decisions. Global governance does not necessarily refer to a single defined system but can include a number of different structures, institutions and actors that in different ways coordinate action on a global level. Global governance does not imply global government.

The GCF works by:

  • Deepening knowledge and insight of decision makers, opinion leaders and the public regarding i) the largest, most pressing global catastrophic risks that threaten humanity and ii) the gaps in current global governance which does not lead to an effective global management of global catastrophic risks
  • Stimulating debate and new thinking around decision making systems which in a more effective and just way can manage global catastrophic risks.
  • Supporting the development of concrete decision making systems - either through innovation or reformation of current systems - which essentially seems appropriate for managing global catastrophic risks.
  • Promoting implementation of such systems.

GCF funding for research and development

The foundation’s funding are aimed at projects that:

  • Facilitate changes in global governance necessary to mitigate global catastrophic risks
  • Foster a demand for change and generate plausible alternatives.

Projects are thus reviewed using the following evaluation criteria:

  • Potential to facilitate …. and/or to foster…
  • Actors abilities (capacity/skills) to facilitate ….. and/or to foster…
  • Project implementation, management, budgeting and planning

To enable realistic proposals for changes that can contribute to humanity’s ability to effectively mitigate global catastrophic risks. It is also necessary to increase knowledge consering questions such as:

  • How do global catastrophic risks challenge systems of global governance?
  • Why and in what ways current systems of global governance fail to meet needs created by potential risks?
  • What conditions are needed to implement necessary changes?

General Terms and Conditions

General terms

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