Research calls

In order to come up with realistic proposals for change that would improve humanity's ability to effectively counter global disaster risks, knowledge is needed. Partly on the needs, that is, what requirements the risks facing humanity impose on a system of global governance, and in what way the current system fails to meet the requirements. Partly on the conditions for implementing the necessary changes.

The Global Challenges Foundation supports research aimed at generating just that knowledge. The support for research will partly contribute to increased quality of the solution proposals and partly promote the demand for change.

Basic principles for research and innovation support

Projects receiving support from the Global Challenges Foundation should contribute to the foundation's overall goals, and be motivated by the foundation's strategic choices and priorities.

Projects supported by the Global Challenges Foundation must maintain high scientific quality and follow established principles for good research practice.

GCF controls the direction of research through calls and selection process, but full academic freedom applies to researchers and research groups that have received support.

    No ongoing research calls