Global Resilience Council

About the Global Resilience Council partnership

The Global Resilience Council (GRC) proposal envisions a new representative multilateral body, in the UN framework that would address non-military threats to human security, including the climate crisis, pandemics, food insecurity, etc., in a similarly authoritative way as the UN Security Council is supposed to address traditional threats to peace and security. There is a dedicated webpage presenting the GRC proposal, while there have been holding closed and open meetings with state and non-state representatives, and participating in conferences and other events promoting the GRC.

An important element of the GRC proposal is the close involvement of constituencies of non-state actors like scientists, civil society groups, the private sector, local authorities in the deliberations of the envisioned GRC and the broader UN system, to increase the content, legitimacy and implementability of decisions that the GRC would make.

This is part of the broader UN2100 Initiative of FOGGS that works towards renewing the UN so that it can remain relevant and effective till the age of 100 at least (we celebrated the UN's 75th anniversary in 2020).

Closely connected to the above is a search for a new narrative of hope and resilience that is needed if globalization and multilateralism are to survive and help build a sustainably prosperous, resilient and happy world.