Global Governance reform proposals

The Global Challenges Foundation has encouraged the emergence and development of ideas for new and improved global governance models from across the world through the New Shape Prize.

There were over 2700 entries from 122 countries. Fourteen of these ideas were shortlisted, with three winning ideas eventually being selected at the New Shape Forum in Stockholm, May 2018. Those ideas fall into four categories: reform of existing global decision-making institutions, new institutions for global decision-making, models that go outside traditional structures, and the emergence of a movement for global reform.

In addition, a selection of Working Groups formed to foster collaboration and to further develop some of the most interesting ideas and hypotheses uncovered during the judging process. The foundation has been providing a platform for these working groups to further develop their ideas.

We believe that a transformative idea can come from anywhere, but that in order to convert such an idea into tangible change requires coordination and cooperation at the highest levels.

Our priority is to put global governance change firmly on the agenda of governments, major corporations and civil society actors with the ultimate goal of securing formal commitments to reform the global governance systems.

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