Global Challenges Foundation invites you to a presentation of the Global Catastrophic Risks 2020 report with GCF Executive Director, Jens Orback, organized by the Mistra Center for Sustainable Markets (Misum) at the Stockholm School of Economics.

“The Global Challenges Foundation’s Annual Report aims to give an overview of all the greatest threats to humanity, to track developments in the issues, to highlight their interconnectedness and to explore how they are being managed at the global level.” – say the report authors.

Join us for this video conference to discuss global risks and opportunities to mitigate them through global cooperation.

Read more on What you need to know about global catastrophic risks in 2020 where you can see a video recording of the conference.


  • November 13, 13:00 Welcome and introduction

    Welcome and introduction by Martina Björkman Nykvist, Executive Director of Misum

  • November 13, 13:10 Presentation

    Presentation of the report by Jens Orback, Executive Director of Global Challenges Foundation

  • 13:40 Q&A

    You have the opportunity to ask Jens Orback questions about global catastrophic risks