COP26 is an important juncture in the global action plan to prevent the worst case climate scenarios and take urgent steps to help those most vulnerable to the effects of climate change. If the Paris Agreement is to be upheld and global warming limited to 1.5 degrees, a rapid change in ambition is necessary. While we are not currently on target, the most recent IPCC report showed us that, if unprecedented action is taken, the 1.5 degree goal is still achievable. 

The Glasgow conference marks a critical opportunity for parties to commit to halving global emissions by 2030 and reaching net zero by 2050, an essential first step to “keeping 1.5 degrees alive”. In order to achieve this, the hope is that parties will submit new and ambitious nationally determined contributions (NDCs) - the target for emission cuts countries themselves determine. In addition, the world’s wealthiest countries must step up to fulfil their obligation to finance $100 billion per year - pledged in 2009 - for developing countries to finance climate action. There is also progress to be made on finalising the details of the Paris Rulebook which provides the guidelines and tools to implement the Agreement. In particular, implementation timelines of NDCs and transparency in reporting national progress are essential to raise ambition and monitor progress, but are yet to be agreed.

As we await the outcomes of negotiations during COP26, a session hosted by IMSISS, GCF and UNA-UK will explore a range of practical actions for keeping 1.5 degrees alive at local and global levels, such as: promoting recommendations for UNSC action on climate and security; local initiatives for organisations to adopt; how governments can be held to account; recommendations for global climate governance; and actions that individuals can take. With an expert panel from across different sectors, this session promises a dynamic, action-focused discussion.

Time: 18:00 - 20:00 GMT


  • Giovanna Kuele, chair, researcher at the Igarapé Institute
  • Maiara Folly, programme Director Plataforma Cipó
  • Jimena Leiva Roesch, Head of Peace and Sustainable Development and Senior Fellow at the International Peace Institute (IPI)
  • Linda Burenius, Head of Development, Global Challenges Foundation