Science makes it clear that policies need to enable and support businesses to align with the carbon law. The report Governing our Climate Future launched by the Global Challenges Foundation together with the Exponential Roadmap Initiative focuses on the policies and governance solutions needed to achieve this, building on the Exponential Roadmap: scaling 36 solutions to halve emissions by 2030. The policies should be purposeful and exponentially scalable.

This event will inspire and educate policymakers, business leaders and civil society in the policies and governance solutions needed to halve global emissions by 2030 and scale the 36 solutions identified.

A cooperation between the Global Challenges Foundation, the Exponential Roadmap Initiative, Nordea, and Climate View.

Speakers at 14h15- 15h00 GMT

  • Dr. Arunabha Ghosh, CEO, Council on Energy, Environment and Water (CEEW)
  • Mattias Frumerie, Head of Delegation, UNFCCC at Swedish Ministry of Environment
  • Jimena Leiva Roesch, Head of Peace and Sustainable Development, International Peace Institute and Guatemala's former lead negotiator for the Paris Agreement
  • Linda Burenius, Head of Development, Global Challenges Foundation
  • Tomer Shalit, Founder & CPO, ClimateView
  • Veronica Palmgren, Head ESG Analyis, Nordea Group Sustainable Finance
  • Johan Falk, CEO, Exponential Roadmap Initiative

Moderator: Catarina Rolfsdotter-Jansson, Expert moderator , Chair of the think tank Global Utmaning