The Academic Council (ACUNS) on the UN System is conducting its hybrid 2023 Annual Meeting from 23-25 June 2022 on the theme of Evidence-Based Solutions for Intensifying Global Challenges.

Speaking to UN Geneva’s policy strengths, ACUNS-Geneva GPD will organize breakout discussions around the areas of human rights, humanitarian action, sustainable trade, and disarmament. It will also give special consideration to the Secretary-General’s most consequential Our Common Agenda proposal: a Summit of the Future, timed to coincide with the General Assembly’s high-level week in September 2023.

The Global Policy Dialogue examines evidence-based solutions for intensifying global challenges, with the Global Challenges Foundation providing support as well as a moderator on Friday 24 June to a Global Policy Dialogue , details as below. Full program etc in righthand menu box.


  • June 24, 08:30 Sustainable Trade & Global Governance


    • Peter Stoett, Ontario Tech University
    • Maria Elena Aguero, Club de Madrid
    • David Malone, United Nations University
    • David Passarelli, United Nations University Centre for Policy Research



    • Magnus Jiborn, Global Challenges Foundation
    • Edna Ramirez-Robles, Universidad de Guadalajara
    • Adriana Abdenur, Plataforma CIPÓ