Africa’s role in governing global risks

Panel talk with SAIIA in Johannesburg

From left to right: SAIIA youth development officer Desirée Kosciulek; Coleen Vogel, professor at the University of the Witwatersrand and Nobel peace prize recipient as former member of IPCC’s fourth main report; Deon Shekuza, director of Namibian Youth on Renewable Energy (NAYORE); Vivian Adhiambo Onano, vice-chair of the Global Youth Empowerment Fund; Kenneth Diole, of SAIIA, moderator of the talk; Luanda Mpungose, programme officer in the Governance and APRM Programme at SAIIA; Wanjira Mathai, director of the Wangari Maathai Foundation; and Victoria Wariaro, outreach officer at the Global Challenges Foundation. (Copyright Petrus Saayman/SAIIA/Global Challenges Foundation).

On 27 March Global Challenges Foundation and South Africa Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA) held the panel discussion ”Africa’s role in governing global risks; emerging voices from the continent”. The theme of the discussion was: "Which role should Africa play in the handling of global risks, given the continent’s young, growing population?". The panel brought up the issue of how climate change, rising youth unemployment, the lack of higher education and violent conflicts can be fought through more international collaboration.