The Educators' Challenge has closed for submissions. Winners will be announced in November 2018.

Step 1. Register (create an account)

Go to the Educators' Challenge web page ( Click “Submit your competition entry” and then choose “Register”.

Fill in the form and then click “Save”.

When you are finished, confirmation will be sent to the e-mail address you registered.

If you have already participated in the New Shape Prize, the log-in details remain the same.

Step 2. Log in to your account

Go to the Educator’s Challenge web page ( Click “Submit your competition entry”, fill in your e-mail address and password, and then click “Sign in”.

Step 3. Add a new entry

Log in to your account. Click “Add entry”.

You will now be directed to a page where you are asked to state the title of your entry, read and accept the Terms and Conditions of the competition, and also to choose between “Entry by one or more individuals” and “Entry on behalf of a legal entity”. Choose the one that fits your entry.

The default setting is “Entry by one or more individuals”. If that is applicable to you, you may proceed to fill in the title of the application, and suggest a number of keywords that best describe your entry. This could, for example, be “podcast”, “game”, “comic”, “lecture”, “documentary”, “textbook”. Then click “Save & continue”.

If you choose “Entry on behalf of a legal entity”, you will – in addition to the above – be asked to fill in the organisation’s name, address and (if relevant) corporate identity number or equivalent. You will also be asked what type of organization it is. Fill this in, then click “Save & continue”.

Step 4. Invite co-authors

If you are the sole author of the entry, you can skip this step. Click “Next” to continue.

If you have co-authors, invite them to register as authors by entering their e-mail addresses in the box and clicking “Add author”. Then click “Save”.

The invited author will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to register and confirm their co-authorship.

When additional authors have been invited, their e-mail addresses will be visible in the list on the “Authors” page. For each author there will be a symbol denoting their status. A clock symbol will indicate a pending invitation; this means the invited author has yet to register and confirm their participation. A red question mark indicates that the invited author has started, but not completed, the registration or confirmation. A green check mark indicates that the author has completed registration and confirmation.

Important: An entry cannot be submitted until all invited authors have completed registration and confirmed their participation.

For every entry, there must be a “Corresponding Author”. If an entry has more than one author, or if the entry is submitted on behalf of a legal entity, the corresponding author is the person that submits the entry. The Corresponding Author is the only one that will be able to edit the entry once it has been submitted.

Step 5. Upload the entry

Select the format that best describes your entry in the drop-down list. Depending on the format, a submission could consist of plain text and/or links.

You may submit your entry in whichever format best represents your approach, but the entry must consist of the following three parts:

a) Introductory description
A brief introduction presenting the approach that has been developed  and the reasoning behind it (no more than 100 words).

b) Detailed submission
A detailed description of the approach that has been developed and what it has amounted to.

If you have developed a text-based approach, such as a textbook, your submission must include:

  • A 1-page abstract (no more than 500 words)
  • A PDF file of your text-based approach

If you have developed an interactive approach, such as a computer game, your submission must include:

  • A 1-page abstract (no more than 500 words)
  • A trailer (maximum 1 minute)

If you have developed an approach that is best presented in a video or audio format, such as a inspirational talk, documentary, or podcast, your submission must include:

  • The full length video or audio file (maximum 2 hours)
  • A trailer (maximum 1 minute). If your full length video or audio file is longer than 5 minutes, a trailer must be submitted

c) Summary of impact
Summary describing the impact of the approach in detail and quantifying as much as possible (no more than 200 words)

Examples of what should be included in the summary:

  • How many people were reached
  • Documentation/testimonials of students or audiences who have themselves become champions for updating global governance

In exceptional cases, an entry containing an excellent approach may be accepted in the competition even if, due to special circumstances, it has not been possible to test the idea in practice and fill in the “Summary of impact”.

Full length video or audio file & Trailer

If you are submitting a full length video or audio file, or a trailer to your entry, the file must be uploaded to either, or Once it is uploaded, copy and paste the link into “Trailer” or “Full length video or audio file”.

Links from other platforms will not be accepted.


A maximum of ten attachments can be provided for each entry in jpeg, pdf, png or gif format.

If you are submitting a text-based approach, you can attach the PDF file of your text-based approach.

If you are not submitting a text-based approach, attachments may not contain extensive text elements or be used to introduce new elements. Attachments should consist of supplementary graphic material or illustrations that help in understanding the entry presented in videos that you have linked to, or text that you have written in the submission form.

Once you have filled in the Proposal section, click “Save” and then choose “Next step”.

Step 6. Submit the entry

When the proposal has been uploaded, you will see an overview of the entry. Check that everything is correct and that all authors have confirmed their participation. Then click “Submit”.

If you want to edit some part of the entry before submitting, you can go back to the part you want to edit by clicking “Previous” or by using the tabs at the top.

When you have submitted the entry, all authors will receive an e-mail confirmation of successful submission.

After submission, all authors will be able to log in and see the full entry. The Corresponding Author will be able to log in and edit the entry until the deadline, 30 June 2018.