This is the third Annual Report on Global Risk from the Global Challenges Foundation. We have worked with leading academic experts to describe the greatest threats to humanity. In this year’s report, we present updates to previously published information about global risks, but also extend the content, in particular by offering descriptions of official bodies and regulatory frameworks currently in place to manage those risks.

The report ends with three articles in which three scientists give an account of the latest state of research in three different areas: tipping points that may be triggered by global warming, the risk of nuclear war, and the study of artificial intelligence. 

The group of scientists recruited as authors and reviewers on this annual report is considerably broader than in previous years, both in numbers and geographically.

Understanding global catastrophic risks is important. Without an intimate knowledge of these threats, we cannot even begin to work on models that can help us manage, reduce and, preferably, eliminate them more rapidly, effectively and equitably. 

It is a great satisfaction for me to announce that the competition for the Global Challenges Prize 2017 – A New Shape has been launched. Offering USD 5 million as a prize sum, we are challenging thinkers from all over the world to propose models for more effective global collaboration in order to address the greatest risks to humanity. 

In conclusion, I would like to extend my warmest thanks to everyone who has contributed to this publication in various ways. Let us hope that the knowledge and the insights shared here can become fertile ground for new, productive ideas, and a discussion about more effective forms of global cooperation.