A Roadmap to the Successful Cascade of the Global Decision-Making Model

: Sylvie Lemieux

The submission is a research showcasing the lessons learned from a successful normative change with the Mine Ban Treaty (MBT), studying how it got approved through a global normative change. The submission proposes to serve either as roadmap for another global governance model the competition selects, or to itself become a decision-making process. Central is achieving a tipping point during the cascade phase of the proposed norm, the point when enough stakeholders approve the new valued-based rules therefore leading to its operationalization. The roles of norm entrepreneurs are evaluated through their leadership and partnerships. The roadmap also proposes tips and warns of six major challenges for a successful implementation.

Sylvie Lemieux

Graduated in Civil Engineering from Polytechnique, Montreal, Sylvie is a retired LieutenantColonel Army Engineer and a retired executive from the Public Service of Canada. She has represented twice the Green Party of Canada. She recently completed a Master of Arts, in Globalization and International Development and is presently a doctoral candidate in Conflict Studies at Saint-Paul University, Ottawa, Canada. She is active in various civil society organizations and had the pleasure to attend few national and world social forums. 

Sylvie has extensive experience in leadership, personnel and resource management in the public and private sectors. She loves pioneering new ways of doing business through sound risk and performance management, troubleshooting crisis situations in large program and applying innovation, vision and insight to strategic planning and delivery. While she leads the delivery of program and projects, she applies her third party neutral skills in facilitation and mediation sessions to strengthen corporate management systems and practices. She is now looking at applying her skills in the fields of global social justice and peace.