The Global Challenges Foundation’s objective is to minimize the major global threats to humanity, such as climate change, nuclear war, pandemics, and Artificial General Intelligence. Since the finals in May 2018 of the 1.8 million dollar New Shape Prize, the GCF has collected and refined the best suggestions in the New Shape Process. The Working Groups behind the work, and their ideas for global reform are now presented in a new quarterly report.

Mats Andersson; Vice Chairman of the Global Challenges Foundation, points out the need for providing the reform ideas with a platform:

“The worlds of business and technology are full of structures that support innovation – from start-up incubators to venture capital firms and pitch nights. Why is there no such ecosystem when it comes to upgrading the crucial institutions that global stability depends on? This is the question guiding the New Shape Process: how might we develop a replicable model for global governance innovation?“.

Find out more about the New Shape Process and the people making up the Working Group. The new quarterly report is downloadable here.

Find out more about what the Global Challenges Foundation’s plans at the Paris Peace Forum.

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