The Greatest Challenges of Our Time

The world has undergone an unparalleled transformation in the past 100 years. But the population explosion, the astoundingly rapid developments in science and technology, and the changes in lifestyle in industrialized nations have also created major problems and imbalances. Population has become so large and technologies so advanced that today, mankind has become the greatest threat to the ecosystem.

László Szombatfalvy became a well-known name in the Swedish stock market as early as the 1970s due to his systematic and unique method of managing risk factors. In The Greatest Challenges of Our Time he identifies, analyzes and assesses risks in four mega-threats to humanity – environmental damage, climate change, political violence and poverty. He also outlines various possibilities of overcoming the threats or, at least, minimizing the risks. The author also searches for an effective decision-making body:

Global problems can only be solved through global action, but global action requires global decisions, and global decisions can only be made by a supranational body, but no effective, supranational, decision-making body exists today.

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